Better sex

Give each other a six-week weekend. The more sex you have, the closer you are to each other, the better the sex becomes.

Try a lotion that increases the feeling.
There are many different, both for ladies and gentlemen.

A quickie. Sometimes no prediction is needed. Do not cherish each other before going straight to intercourse.

Shower Massage
Make fun for each other. Harder and softer, warmer and lukewarm water, walk through each other bit by bit and stay extra long where it’s the most beautiful.

The skin is the body’s largest erogenous zone. Knead, pat and dress it as much as possible!

Invest in a sex toys

Why not a rabbit vibrator? It takes you to new sensual and orgasmic heights.

Rosenrot is said to be sexually stimulating
Buy on health food and try. It’s not harmful, but it is said that the rosacee makes it a pleasure in the sex organs. You become more painful simply!

Not completely naked
It can be very sexy to let the underwear sit on. The fabric becomes a nice barrier to the most intimate. Fragments can be extra beautiful through thin silk or light cotton.

Lubricants can enhance the quality of your sex life. Waste! There are various funky variants with warmth and dirt effect. Let your partner massage you until you no longer stand out …

Sex fantasies are often the best conditions for excitement. Feel free to join an extra partner in your relationship through the imagination and wis this in your partner’s ear…

For a cooler sex life: Live your lust in sound! Give yourself the freedom to bump, flutter, flutter, scream, oooaaa and aaaaaa as much as you like. When the psyche drives the show, the body usually hangs on.

Love standing in front of a mirror. Mirrors give a new dimension to sex life. Get dressed by yourself while your partner is watching. Get rid of a piece of clothing at a time. Turn on the light. Do you love in the dark? See your partner in the eye as a change.

Play vampire
Use your teeth for loose and harder bites. Lightly chew each other’s nipples.

Hug more! Namely, when we hug (and have sex …) oxytocin, which is also called the “love hormone” – is secreted and strengthens our relationships.

Watch when your partner masturbates. You get an invaluable lesson on how he / she wants to be smacked.

Tips for stimulating erotic dinner: Oysters, rich in zinc, strawberries and chocolate. Avoid garlic, beans and cabbage.

Sexy underwear. Classic way to raise the pulse in the ratio. Bet on the dumpling Dita von Teese style: Trumpet, Corset, High-Heels …

The “mirror image” is a good position for both heterosexuals and gay men. Lie against each other and do exactly the same moves. Goes both front and rear.


Make all movements slow. Feel the excitement rise.

Sensual massage – beat each other for at least 20 minutes each. Guaranteed Exciting!

Tie me, love me
Losing control can be very exciting. Many think bondage light gives an extra dimension to sex life.

Oral sex on the scrotum. The dots are often totally forgotten in oral contexts. Soak easily the scallops, alternating the left and right. Then gently suck the whole pouch. It can be guaranteed to be his most beautiful oral experience!

Oral sex in the middle yard. This is a often forgotten erogen zone. Stimulans here, however, can provide strong and cool orgasms.